winter break for a few months

invernaje, as they say in spanish,

is the process of getting everything ship-shape and then leaving the boat for a few months until the usual end-of-year crazyness is over, the november storms have come and gone, and the crew has been released after being shanghaied by their parents to fix the wifi at their ancestral homes during the dreaded end-of-year-festivities.

and so we say goodbye to our new-to-us boat for the next months. which makes no sense, because it’s way nicer and warmer here than back home, especially in december. but i digress.

neatly coiled rope, attached to a cleat, on a wooden pier

anyhow: stay tuned, we’ll continue the journey sometime in march/april with a few weeks of DIY boat fixer-uppery (might contain glorious sanding…) and maybe even a few days out on the water.